Visiting the Holy Land is always like a great book that connects our inner with the sensitivity and wisdom of the spirituality of this place.         

The authenticity of the spiritual journey that follows in the footsteps of Jesus is a unique opportunity to discover the roots of the Christian faith.


Itinerary: Evangelical Interest


Today you will embark on your dreamed trip to Israel. Gather your valid travel documents because an amazing travel adventure is about to begin. Safe Travels.



Upon your arrival follow to the Immigration process. After passport control, collect your luggage then you will find our representative waiting for you. Welcome to Israel.

You will be transferred by an A/C car to your hotel.

Check-in Tel Aviv. Accommodation and overnight 


Meals: N/A


After breakfast, (with luggage), we will leave Tel Aviv towards Caesarea Marittima, with a visit to the port of Jaffa, built by Herod the Great in 22 BCE on the site of the Hellenistic period. Already in Caesarea, we will visit the excavations of the Roman City including the theater. From there we will head to Haifa, a northern Israeli port city built in tiers extending from the Mediterranean up the north slope of Mount Carmel. We will visit the gardens and the temple of Bahai. From here we will go to visit Megiddo, overlooking the rich Jezreel Valley, where the last battle of Armageddon will take place. From here continue to Tiberias. Welcome to your hotel in Tiberias 

Meals:  Breakfast and dinner

Today, after breakfast, we will follow the steps of JESUS in Galilea. Starting the day with a boat ride through the Sea of Galilee. Today we will also visit the Mount of Beatitudes, Tabhga, place of the miracle of Fish and Bread. Next to Capernaum, we will enter the Synagogue where Jesus prayed with the disciples.  This afternoon we will head to Cana da Galilee where we will visit the site of the first Miracle of Jesus. From here to Yardenit, a baptismal site on the Jordan River. Return to our hotel in Tiberias 

Lunch at a restaurant by the Sea of Galilea (Peter’s bible fish)

Meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

After breakfast, (check out). We go out with the luggage. Let us start our day by following the Jordan valleys and Judea to the Dead Sea Area. Passing through Jericho, the oldest city in the world. We will climb the Fortress of Masada where we will visit the ruins of one of the Palaces of Herod in the times of Jesus. This afternoon we will have the opportunity of free time to enjoy the salt and therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea.

Welcome to your hotel in the Dead Sea   

Meals: dinner and breakfast

After breakfast, (with luggage) throughout Judea desert we will head to Jerusalem. Entry into the Holy City where we will do our prayers for peace at Mount of Olives. We will pass through the Gardens of Gethsemane, then we will head to our hotel in Jerusalem where we will stay for three nights. 

Welcome to your Hotel in Jerusalem


Meals: Dinner and breakfast.

After breakfast, we will visit Caiaphas’ house in Peter Gallicantu. We will visit the room where Jesus celebrated the Last Supper and the tomb of King David. Through the Jewish Quarter and the Roman Thistle, we will head to the Western Wall.

Return to your Hotel in Jerusalem 


Meals: Dinner and breakfast.

After breakfast, we are going out to the Old Town. We will have the outside view of mosques, Al Aqsa, and Dome of the rock. We will head to the city of David where we will visit the Davidson Museum and the Model of the Second Temple. In the afternoon we will head to Bethlehem. Already in Palestinian territory, we will be welcomed by a local guide. Here we will visit the Church of the Nativity and the field of pastors. In the evening we will return to Jerusalem. 

Return to your Hotel in Jerusalem 

Meals: Dinner and breakfast.

After breakfast. We will enter the Old Town to visit the Antonia Fortress heading to the pools of Bethesda and then start the Via Dolorosa, ending our morning in the Garden Tomb, considered by some Christians to be the site of the burial and resurrection of Jesus. Moments for reflection. 

HIGHLIGHTS: We will have our farewell lunch, celebrating our pilgrimage time in the Holy Land. This afternoon we will have some free time before we return to the hotel. Jerusalem.


Tonight, after dinner at our hotel, we are going to the city of David where we will watch the Sound and Light Show at David’s Tower. 

Back at the hotel to prepare to leave the Holy Land next morning – Jerusalem 

Meals: Dinner and breakfast.

After breakfast, at the time to be informed by your tour guide, we will check out the hotel in Jerusalem with our luggage. Head to Ben Gurion International Airport. Assistance by our representatives.

End of our services. Shalom!


Traveling is the best way to learn about the world.


After returning from the heart of a destination, talk to others about your amazing travel experiences. 





Get ready to take part in a vibrant journey, experience the millennial history of unique culture, where we will embark on episodes from beginning to end, witnessing the Old and the New Testament intertwining and being part of our day to day journey as a group.

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    Accommodation Categories : Luxor Superior

Questions and answers

Payment in installments to be made into a bank account provided by Bella Travel, at the time of registration.

Yes. However, there will be a 4% increase over the amount

The last installment must always be made up to 40 days before the date of travel.

After enrollment within 24 hours, or up to six months before travel. The deposit amounts and the amounts paid in installments will only be returned under the hypothesis of a proven personal emergency.

YEA. USD500 insurance amount – Must be purchased at registration.

It covers medical care for the duration of the trip, up to the amount of USD50,000.00, as well as any necessary changes in cases of proven emergency.
Yes. We suggest that the person is healthy, without physical limitations and with a great willingness to walk. The program is very intense.
Consult your doctor and ask him to report your medications. Take enough supplement with you for the travel time and also a prescription.
Always carry your documents, cash, credit cards, jewelry, medicines in your handbag.
YEA. As long as you arrive at the hotel with the group
YES – We will have to recalculate costs and organize before tickets are issued.
Mandatory travel insurance covers any fine for interrupting travel in cases of proven EMERGENCIES.
Any cancellation will be subject to a penalty. The party who cancels will be required to cover all costs for the other person’s individual accommodation.
If there is no other person that we can accommodate with you, you will have to purchase the individual supplement before leaving the group.
You will have to assume the value of your individual supplement and that of your partner (a) with whom you were sharing the room.
After being confirmed by the agency, only if there is an act of a nature beyond our control.
YEA. You can leave anywhere, but we need to recalculate the prices according to the value of the ticket
The package includes tourist category hotel accommodation with breakfast and dinner at the locations specified in the travel program.
Hotel exchange will not be allowed at any time
The passport, which must not expire until 6 months from the date of return of your trip, and an immigration document that guarantees your entry in the destination and return to your place of origin.
All hotels offer free WIFI – Before leaving, contact your operator and activate your phone for international calls.
Always check the temperature of the place you will visit during the trip. Find out more by clicking on the “Country Data” tab.

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