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The World Cup Is Just Around The Corner Book You ?


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Flight to Brazil is getting expensive better book your tickets now

As the World Cup 2014 gets nearer every day, more flights to Brazil are being requested to augment the present schedule. According to the news there are about 1500 more flights being requested to ferry the fans in Brazil to witness the one month tournament. As this develops, one major airliner has announced it’s going to impose its maximum price of $450 one way trip and $900 for round trip no discounts. If you don’t have your tickets right now other airlines may follow suit and you may end up paying more expensive bookings for your flight to Brazil.

Check with Bella Travel right now and check their plane ticket price for a flight to Brazil. You may still get cheaper prices if you hurry up.

However, the most important thing right now is to get a confirmed booking. Chances are, passengers will have no chance at all to get to Brazil. The bookings will be six feet deep, owing of millions of visitors going to Brazil just for the purpose of watching the tournament. And competing in the tournament are the usual tourist attractions that are very popular among people throughout the world. You will have to compete with the old timers in getting your tickets for your flight to Brazil.

All the teams are ready to go. Their preparations finished and they have won the right to represent their individual country to this biennial tournament of the greatest football teams in the world. It’s totally different watching the games in your satellite HD TV if you’re a true fan. The comfort of your home isn’t a guarantee that you’re going to enjoy the entire game.  The cameras aren’t as fast as the ball as its been kicked for a scoring goal or the headers that waylays the goalie into believing where the  ball is going next as the player passes it to a team mate for that scoring kick.

Do you think your sound system is loud enough to echo the crowd’s deafening roar? I doubt it. You’re missing the real meaning of the tournament by staying home. Go there on a flight Brazil, but you have to contact Bella Travel first. This is the premiere travel agency manned by Brazilian themselves. You will get a first class service during your entire stay in Brazil for the duration of the tournament or even after it.

When the dusts settle down, your favorite team may or may not win, but what counts more is you’ve been there to witness the greatest football show on earth. World Cup events are as important those of the Olympics and for some it’s even more.  It’s the pure breed and blue blooded fans that flood every arena where their teams play.

Bella Travel will be open 24/7 to accommodate your bookings for your flight to Brazil.

They’re very reliable and dependable and efficient second to none when it’s about handling your flight to Brazil. Don’t take chances and lose your booking to scalpers, make it Bella Travel.



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