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World Cup 2014 Packages: Get The Royal Treatment!



World Cup 2014 Packages is running out and there are few slots left open

It’s getting hot in World Cup tournament for different reasons. The battle is now being fought outside of the sports arena and into political grounds. It’s Russia versus the USA. Each country is urging the FIFA governing body to ban each other from the tournament in the light of their unlawful invasion of sovereign countries. Whatever the outcome of this political skirmish, it will affect the tournament very much and there will be a great disappointment for the fans of each country if either one of them or both get sanctioned. Meanwhile, in the tournament itself each country is preparing for their final line ups.

So what are you waiting for football fans, World Cup 2014 Packages by Bella Travel is closing out? It’s the best alternative to your stay in Brazil for the coming tournament.

The biggest celebration this year is about to hit the world in about three months and you are still not ready. Brazil is grateful for having been given this outside chance of hosting the FIFA world cup finals in the light of Colombia’s withdrawal. The country can’t take on the conditions set by FIFA and Brazil got the nod in its place. Not less than the former Brazilian president has been given the task of organizing the Brazilian preparation, the present sports minister Aldo Rebelo, is leaving nothing to chance.

He has the job cut for himself. Despite the delays in finishing the playing venues and lawlessness in some part of Brazil, he is quite confident that everything will go as scheduled. So there you are football aficionados. Get your   World Cup 2014 Packages by Bella Travel and don’t settle just being second class spectators. Get the royal treatment and enjoy to your heart’s content without missing anything both inside and outside the playing fields.

You won’t be watching all day long. And what are you going to do the entire day. If your team wins the day’s tournament, you have to celebrate it in style. And how do you do it if you’re unfamiliar with the country. That’s why we have Bella Travel and their World Cup 2014 Packages to entertain us. No other Brazil based travel agency has the expertise to handle international visitors, many of which are first timers.  Yes, if it’s your first time in this country, you should book with Bella Travel. Returning tourists know this and that’s why they also book with Bella Travel when in Brazil. Their experience with Bella is one of wonderful and exciting travel adventure and memories.

This time around, with millions of tourists filling every room and accommodations you will need the expertise of Bella Travel and their World Cup 2014 Packages to make your stay twice as wonderful and thrice as exciting.

You don’t have to keep up with the crowd. You have to stay ahead of them to get the best of everything. Contact Bella right away while there are still few World Cup 2014 Packages available. With the rate of reservations going on right now we’ll be counting days before they totally run out.



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