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‘What Kind of Weather Can I Expect When I Tour Brazil?’


bandeiraOne of the biggest challenges of traveling is packing. And knowing how and what to pack depends on knowing what kind of weather you will find once you arrive at your final destination.

If you are planning to tour Brazil in the fall — or at any time of the year, for that matter — you should know that due to its tropical and subtropical climate, Brazil generally has warm weather all year round.

Winters in Brazil

Unlike many parts of the US and the UK, winters in Brazil tend to be brief and mild. Winter usually only last from June to August: It’s the opposite of here because Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere.

Summers, which are between December and February, aren’t very much different from the winters in Brazil. The temperature variation is only about 13 and 18 degrees Celsius, or about 55 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summer Heat?

In summer, temperatures are hotter than winter, but they don’t get super hot the way they would in the southern US or desert Southwest, for example. You can expect temperatures to typically be in the mid-80s, although very rarely they can get as high as the 90s. Rarely will they soar into the 100s.

There also will be variations in the weather depending on where you visit in Brazil. For example, temperatures in the mountains are usually cooler and conditions wetter than at sea level, where the nation’s two biggest cities — Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo — are located.

How to Tell What the Weather Will Be Like

To get a more accurate idea of the type of weather conditions you are likely to face when visiting Brazil, your best is to simply check a weather website a few days before you are scheduled to leave.

Knowing what the weather will be like when you tour Brazil will help you pack appropriately.




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