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One of the Best Ways to Tour Brazil Is by Bike


If you want to see the “real” Brazil, the closer you can get to the land and to the people, the better.

So one of the best ways to tour Brazil is from the seat of a touring bicycle. There are many great bike routes you can follow that will fit any fitness level — from the experienced cyclist to the newcomer — all of which will provide a ground-level view of Brazil that isn’t available anywhere else.

Where to Ride

Bicycles are a primary form of transportation in Brazil. So there are dedicated bicycle lanes that run parallel to the main roads in most of the country’s biggest cities.

That mean you can get around easily on a bike from one place to another in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, and elsewhere, oftentimes quicker than you could by car, bus or taxi.

There also are scenic roads along most of the 3,000 miles of ocean that run the length of Brazil’s eastern coast. You can ride for days and never lose site of the Atlantic Ocean.

What Type of Bike?

Unless you have a genuine connection to your personal bike, it’s probably a good idea simply to buy or rent a bike once you arrive in Brazil. That’s usually a cheaper option than paying to have your bike shipped to Brazil and back again when you are through.

The type of bike you should get depends on what kind of riding you intend to do. If you will mostly be on smooth roads, get a lightweight touring bike with multiple speeds to help you get over the undulating hills.

If you are looking for a more rugged experience, such as trying your skill at one of the many off-road trails in the Amazon rainforest, you should probably think about getting a fat-tired mountain bike.

Regardless of which type you choose, choose a large, padded seat that will make your Brazilian bicycling experience more comfortable.



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