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What Travel Documents Do I Need to Tour Brazil?


If you are a citizen of the United States and are planning to visit Brazil, there are a number of important documents that you will need.

A tourist visa can be obtained from the Brazilian Consulate found in most major cities. To receive your travel visa, you will need your passport, a recent passport photo, and a completed Brazilian visa application.

Documents to Bring

You also should print a copy of your travel itinerary and make a copy of your plane tickets, e-ticket, or onward travel confirmation. These will need to be submitted along with your application. You are not required to hand over your original documents, however. Copies are sufficient. You also will need your other documents for when you travel to Brazil.

To obtain a visa, you must pay a visa fee with a US Postal Service Money Order. Personal checks, cash and credit cards are not accepted. Check with the Brazilian consulate ahead of time to find out how much to make it out for. These can only be obtained at your local post office.

If you don’t apply for your travel visa in pers0n at the consulate, you will also need to pay an additional $20 processing fee, also with a separate US Postal Service Money Order.


How Long Is It Good For?

Your tourist visa to Brazil will be valid for 90 days within 12 months of the issue. It allows you to enter and exit Brazil as often as you like — within reason — during the course of your stay.

Your tourist visa also entitles you to participate in amateur sports, academic conferences, and cultural festivals.

A travel visa does not give you permission to engage in any type of paid work during your visit to Brazil. If you plan on working in Brazil or are traveling to the country to transfer to your company’s Brazilian division, you will need to get a separate travel document called a work visa.

Applying for a work visa is an entirely separate process than requesting a travel visa.


If you don’t apply for your travel visa in person, you also will need to pay an additional $20 processing fee.



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