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How to Get Around Town When You Tour Brazil


Brazil’s biggest city, Rio de Janeiro, is a major metropolitan area on par with any of the world’s leading cities. Yet getting around Rio on foot or by taxi is very easy.

Some of Rio’s most popular attractions — including Lapa and  Santa Teresa — can easily be reached on foot from the area of the city where most of the most popular hotels are located. Other popular sites –such as Rio’s famous beaches — can be accessed simply by taxi.

Hailing a Taxi When You Tour Brazil

Taxis offer one of the safest and most convenient forms of transportation in Rio. There are plenty of taxis available on Rio’s main streets, so hailing one is simple. Just go to any curb, look for a cab with it’s “Vacant” sign illuminated and hail it with your hands or by whistling.

Taxi is also the best way to get from Rio’s airport to your hotel. Look for signs that lead to the airport’s large taxi stand where an attendant will hail the next available cab for you.  During busy periods, you may be required to wait in line for a few minutes.

Rio’s Subway System

If you are feeling adventurous or would like to get a feel for the way residents of Rio live, you could try taking the city’s subway system to your destination.

Rio’s subway isn’t as extensive as those of other major cities, but it is clean, safe and affordable. Ask the concierge at your hotel about the best routes to where you want to go.

Rio’s Bus System

Generally, most tourists want to avoid Rio’s bus system. For one thing, very few of the drivers speak English, so it will be difficult to navigate if you don’t know where you are going.

Another concern is that Rio’s buses travel deep into the city’s favelas, the inner city neighborhoods which are notoriously unsafe.

Getting around when you tour Brazil is a breeze if you follow these helpful tips.




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