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Tour Brazil by Water to See the Country’s Wild Side


One of the best ways to tour Brazil is by water. Booking a yacht charter in Brazil offers a view of the South American nation’s wild side from a unique perspective.

Hiring your own charter yacht is one of the best ways to experience Brazil. The seas off the nation’s coast are almost always calm, there’s plenty of sunshine all year round, and the ocean breeze is calm and constant.

Where to Visit

Brazil has nearly 5,000 miles of coastline, so there are plenty of places to visit when you tour Brazil by yacht. You will find thousands of beaches, bays, and naturally formed islands and harbors, most of which are uninhabited.

Begin you journey in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where many charter companies offer yachts of all sizes in Angra dos Reis and Costa Verde. These areas feature stunning views and are the perfect place to start your unforgettable yacht journey.

Your first stop should by Paraty’s Bay, which is sheltered by Isle de Grande. Here you will find a pristine natural rain forest bordered by white sand beaches. Set anchor and take the time to tour the island’s famed nature walks, where you will marvel at the sparkling clear rivers and astonishing waterfalls.

Sailing North up the Coast

If you continue to sail your yacht north up the coastline, you will encounter the magical city of Salvador. This city, which is the capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, offers a different glimpse of Brazilian urban culture from Rio de Janeiro’s. Full of energy, color and vibrancy, Salvador lets you see the “real Brazil” that most tourists don’t get to see.

When you tour Brazil in your own chartered yacht, it can be a life-changing experience. Not only do you get to see all that the country has to offer from a different viewpoint, but you can enjoy it all in the luxurious surroundings of your own private yacht.



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