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When You Tour Brazil, Get Ready to See Some Skin


Brazilians love the beach. And with more than 5,000 miles of coastland, that’s not surprising.

Brazil has some of the most famous beaches in all of the world, including Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, both of which are in Rio de Janeiro.

So when you tour Brazil, it’s highly likely that you will spend at least a portion of your time — if not most of your trip — on or near one of Brazil’s beautiful, sandy beaches.

Revealing Swimsuits

When you do, you are likely to see more exposed skin than you may be accustomed to seeing at home. Because of its climate — and the natural beauty of its citizens — Brazil’s beaches are home to more bikinis, thongs, and other revealing swimsuits per square mile than anywhere else on earth.

In fact, the term “Brazilian” refers to a body waxing technique in which all of the hair is removed from the bikini line area to accommodate even the most revealing beach fashions, such as thongs, spaghetti strap bikini bottoms, and swimsuits that barely cover the body’s most private areas.

Nudity a No-No

Ironically, Brazil isn’t known for its nude beaches. While there are some designated beaches — such as Tambaba, north of Recife, and Praia do Abrico, just west of  Rio de Janeiro — public nudity is a misdemeanor in Brazil and the law is widely enforced (except during Carnival, of course, otherwise the whole country would be in jail!).

Many Europeans who tour Brazil expect the same “clothing optional” standards to apply in such places as  Copacabana Beach as they do in many parts of France and Spain. But despite the depiction of such films as “Blame It On Rio”, nudity is rare at the most popular Brazilian beaches.

Still, with the beach fashions many Brazilians display, they may as well be completely naked. Get ready to be shocked and pleasantly surprised!




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