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Don’t Tour Brazil Without Seeing the Amazon Jungle


If you are planning to tour Brazil, make sure you schedule some time to see the Amazon jungle.

The Amazon basin is one of the largest and most diversified ecosystems in the entire world. The Amazon River is the world’s longest and contains more water than the next eight largest rivers in the world combined.

How large is the Amazon basin? Would you believe that it has twice the size of India? It’s so enormous that it actually spans eight countries, although most of it lies within the boundaries of Brazil.

Lifespring of the Earth

The Amazon basin produces much of the fresh air and fresh water the rest of the world relies upon. Plus, it has a substantial influence on the weather systems that constantly circle the Earth.

There is a lot to see in the Amazon jungle. In fact, there are still many parts of the jungle that have never been seen by human eyes.

When to Visit the Amazon Jungle

Most of the Amazon basin is a rainforest. That means it rains there. A lot.

The best time to visit the jungle is between May and June. This is just past the rainiest season — February to April — and before the second most rainy season begins — September to November.

May and June are when the river is also at its highest and the surrounding forest is mostly flooded. The Amazon River actually rises and falls between 40 and 50 feet per year.

Best Ways to See the Amazon Rainforest

When you tour Brazil, you have a number of options for seeing the Amazon. One popular way is to rent a jungle lodge, which usually are part or a resort that includes daily excursions into the jungle.

Another option is to tour the Amazon by riverboat. Some tour boats feature lavish cabins while others provide only hammocks for guests. Tours typically last five to ten days and are remarkably affordable, in most cases.




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