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Bella Travel is ready for the Olympics

If you’re planning to take a vacation in 2016, I’d like to suggest that you tour Brazil. What’s so special about Brazil during that year? Well, aside from the famous street carnivals, and amazing sites, it’s also the year when the Summer Olympics is going to be held here. If you enjoy watching the just concluded FIFA 2014 World Cup, I know you’re also going to enjoy more the premier sports event on the planet.

The Brazilian organizers made the FIFA finals a very wonderful and efficient event. There was no hooliganism and the tournament was so successful that everybody enjoyed every game up to the very last day.

There were many who stayed for a few more days to explore the unique tourists’ spots which are only found here in Brazil. They were amazed to see the extraordinary places and to experience the culture that only Brazil can offer. Brazil is such a very big country, I said it once already and I can’t have my fill of it. I dream of coming back there in 2016 and experience once more the hospitality of the Brazilians. I call them beautiful people and I know that nobody will disagree with me on this.

They’re extraordinary people made healthy by the medicinal fruits that they have in abundance in their great jungle.  Try these local brews and you will definitely feel great and healthy. Discover the secrets of the Amazons. It’s more than a jungle. It holds the secret to long and healthy life.   The country boasts with such beautiful beaches and awe inspiring mountains. Aside from the jungle of course, is the greatest river in the worlds, the Amazon River.

Experience the games and the country once more. Start planning now. A lot of fans missed the FIFA finals because of last minute bookings. Don’t let it happen to you. It’s 14 more months and its’ going to be 2016. And after that another few months and the games starts in earnest. We will see to it that you will get the same royal treatment just like before.

We at Bella travel will continue to serve you with the most exceptional customer service that you can ever find. We will keep your schedule truly enjoyable up to the last day. You will have enough time for the games and at the same time visiting the countryside of Brazil.

Please inquire with us even this early. The Olympics is even bigger than the FIFA Finals and more fans and tourists are expected to come here. Let us help you with your Tour Brazil adventure and we promise you that you will really find it a wholesome experience. Your flight, hotel booking, game schedule, the trip to the tourist hideaways and your return flight will be taken care for you.

Bella Brazil has been in the travel business long enough to ensure that what you get is nothing but the best. Call us or send us an email and we will answer back without any delay




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