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Brazil, the Land of Nonstop Carnavals



start arranging your bookings for the next must-see Carnival in Rio

start arranging your bookings for the next must-see Carnival in Rio





Bella Travel your gateway to Brazil’s important carnavals

Plan your Tour Brazil this early. The biggest carnival on earth is going to hit Rio de Janiero, the capital city commencing on February 13 to February 17, 2015. That’s five days of festivities and almost nonstop samba street dancing. Tourists from all over the world will come flocking to the great country of Brazil, occupying every plane seat to capacity and booking every hotel to the limits.

Come and share the fun and witness the greatest spectacle that only Brazil can offer. This unique event is always copied, but never surpassed.  The samba beat is a Brazil creation and nothing compares to it. It’s now September.  In less than 5 months, the event will take place and the planes and hotels are now slowly filling up. If you’re an old timer you know how it works. However, if you’re going there for the first time, we’d like to advise you to reserve early.

We have been serving the travel needs of our regular tourist customers every year. This includes their flight to Brazil and hotel accommodations. To our new tourist friends we include arrival and departure airport vehicle service.

The Rio Festival isn’t the only scheduled street dancing event in Brazil. You may want to explore other counties of Brazil which also have their own street carnival spiced by their own local culture and tradition. Brazil is such a big place.

What they have in Rio may be tamer compared to the carnaval flavor that the other places has brewed for you.

The Carnaval in Salvador comes after those of Rio. It starts late February and continues well into March. The amplified bands play in full music on top of vehicles and drive the dancers to mass hysteria dancing the day away in for a week drinking and kissing retiring for the day and pick up where they left  on the next day.

Orlinda’s Carnaval is even longer at 11 days. This fiesta culminates on Easter day. The unique feature for this street dancing is the parade of 400 virgins which are really men in drag. Each participants wear what costumes they want. It’s believed that up to 2,000,000 participants enjoy this celebration.

There are also street merry making on the part of Amazon River. The biggest one is in Cirio de Nazare.  The celebration is centered on the statue of our Lady of Nazareth believed to be very miraculous. The Brazilians have been doing this for hundreds of years participated by hundreds of boats and watched by millions of people. This happens on the second week of October. You have ample time to go and witness this great event. It ends up in the Basilica.

There a lot of tourist events in Brazil that is worth watching. We can arrange the tour package for you as well.  Contact us right now. We are from Brazil and we know how to get you there, keep you happy, safe and comfortable and bring you back here fully contented.



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