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How to Get the Best of Carnaval!



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Carnival de Rio or simply known as Carnaval is one of Brazil’s hallmark festivals. In fact, if you’re planning to tour Brazil, doing it during this festive occasion would be a great idea. What makes it special is that it is an expression of national identity. Nothing better reflects the Brazilian passion for music, sensuality and life itself than the colorful and vibrant dances and costumes during Carnaval.  Virtually known all throughout the world, it attracts as much as 4 million local and international tourists every year! But while more people means a merrier celebration it also means large crowds, rising hotel prices and hard-to-find accommodations. If you’re planning to join in the fun of Carnival de Rio 2015, start planning as early as now.

First off know the dates. Since the official Carnival de Rio is based on Lent, the dates change every year. A common mistake of amateur first-time goers is that they even base their bookings on the previous year’s dates. Meaning they’re either too early or too late to witness the highlights. Most of the spectacular parades and competitions are starting the Friday before Ash Wednesday and commemorate of Fat Tuesday. However, many Brazilians start to have street parties and parades weeks before the big events so you’ll still get to participate in the fun. But if you want to be at the heart of the celebration make sure you get the correct dates for 2015.

Book your hotel ahead of time. As mentioned earlier, you will be competing with 4 million other tourists for hotel accommodation. Furthermore, hotel prices can double or even triple their usual rates during the peak season of Carnival. To avoid paying an enormous amount of money, book your hotel rooms months ahead of time. Some seasoned travelers have their reservations as early as 6 months before the start of Carnival. This way they are assured of a place to stay in without paying double the price.

Familiarize yourself with the events. The highlight of Carnaval is the Samba Parade. This is made up of colorful floats and costumes with the best in music and dancing. This all leads to Sambodrome where the competition between the different Samba dance schools in the city takes place. This spectacular show of colors, feathers and dancing is ticketed event so you might want to book all your tickets ahead of time. Prices can be as cheap as $20 or as expensive as $3000, depending on the seats you want. More expensive seats are comfortable, but being with the masses and joining in the confusion is where all the fun is.

If you want to enjoy the spectacle of Carnaval or simply tour Brazil in general, then we at Bella Travel will be happy to assist you. We’ve been helping people experience their dream vacation for 17 years. Not only do we have an extensive network of hotels and service providers, we also offer the best prices. Whether you want a luxurious vacation or a backpack adventure in Brazil we can show many options that will suit your taste and your budget.




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