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Golf Quickly Becoming Brazil’s Second Biggest Sports Passion


Brazil is known as a soccer-crazed nation, but golf is quickly becoming a very popular sport. While it was once exclusively for the super rich, there are now are many more golf courses than ever before so it is being taken up by people of all ages and from every type of background.

Currently, there are more than 30 golf courses in Brazil, including one that recently opened that was designed by Jack Nicklaus and backed by Donald Trump. And new golf courses are opening every month as supply tries to catch up to the demand.

What You Need to Know about Brazilian Golf Courses 

Unlike the US, Brazil doesn’t have a lot of public golf courses. Most are privately owned or are attached to some of the fancier hotels. And you tour Brazil you are much more likely to find a golf course in Brazil’s major cities — such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo — than you are in the more rural parts of the country.

A round of golf in Brazil generally will cost you about R$74 (or US$25) for nine holes and R$125 (or US$50) for 18 holes. Cart rentals go for about R$100 (or US$33). But the more elaborate the golf course, the more you will pay.

Golfing in Brazil

If you are staying at the Copacabana Palace Hotel or the Sheraton Rio Hotel in Rio de Janeiro when you tour Brazil, you have access to one of Brazil’s finest private golf courses, the Gavea Golf Club. If you are staying elsewhere, check with your concierge because some other hotels may have similar arrangements.

The best public golf course in Rio de Janeiro is the Golden Green, in Barra da Tijuca. It’s a six-hole course located within a condominium complex, but it’s open to the public from Tuesday through Saturdays. There are even lights that allow you to play at night.




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