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start arranging your bookings for the next must-see Carnival in Rio

start arranging your bookings for the next must-see Carnival in Rio

Bella Travel: Our main mission is to provide with the greatest time of your life

As early as today, you should into booking a flight to Brazil already. The countdown to the world’s most exciting street carnival has begun. The rush to join Rio’s yearly fiesta celebration which will be on February 2015 promises to be even bigger in terms of tourist attendance. The memory of Brazil is still fresh for those who attended the FIFA World Cup Finals. Many of them, I’m sure, will be returning for the second serving. They missed a lot of opportunities to visit the tourist spots because of the games. This time around, it’s going to be samba dancing, sightseeing and swimming.

The coming Rio Olympics, in June 2016, will be another factor for the tourist rush this year. Some of them will definitely be first timers. They might like to see the place first hand and experience what it has to offer before coming back to watch or play in the games. They know they won’t have enough time to explore the world class beaches and the vacation spots which can only be found in the fiesta capital of the world, or is it now the sports center of the planet? They will have their hands full attending the summer sports spectacle, which is the biggest in the world.

Spending your vacation in Brazil should fit your budget well. You don’t have to go far to see some of the most spectacular tourist destinations of the country. The sugar like beaches seem to extend in an endless stretch. The natural parks will show you live animals in their natural habitat. The well preserved colonial towns will bring you back to the olden Portuguese and Dutch eras. The biggest wetland in the world, the biggest jungle, and the longest river are all rolled into one of the largest countries in the American hemisphere.

You can still save some more and expand the number of tourist destinations you might want to visit. You can make this possible if you avail of our Brazil Packages. You don’t have to do the travelling alone. You will enjoy it better with other fellow tourists, making new friends and exchanging pleasantries while enjoying the wonderful tour Brazil experience.

We at Bella Travel, the most trusted and biggest travel agency in South Florida, have made it our personal mission to dedicate our resources for your full satisfaction and enjoyment; Being Brazilians ourselves, we make it a point to give a positive image of our country. We can assure you that you will get nothing but the best service possible.

Everything begins by booking a flight to Brazil. Then we will arrange your hotel accommodations and will see to it that you’ll have the most enjoyable and exciting tourist destinations for your stop overs. Give yourself the best tour adventure which is second to none. Brazil has everything to offer you, that boast is difficult to match anywhere else in the world.

Call us now and we will begin the process right away; before you know it, you’ll be dancing with millions of others in the streets of Rio.





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