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You’re never alone. We promise you that. Every time you go on tour or business trip, we are always available to assist you anytime and anywhere you are.   We are your 24/7 virtual travel partners.  You can call us and we will hook you up with our local partners to help you whatever assistance that you may require. Although our clients seldom use this privilege, still we want you to know that you’re never alone.

After we book your flight to Brazil or to any destination where you’re planning to go, you’re already on our VIP list. Most of our clients, especially our repeat customers, expect us to take care of their hotel bookings as well. Most of them want us to handle their travel specifics after telling us where they want to go and what activities they have in mind.

They trust us with all their travel arrangements. They know full well they’re going to have a great time because we always follow their instructions. If you are planning of spending your Christmas here in Brazil with friends and relatives, we can book your flights right now with guaranteed seats and on schedule. If you call now, you can buy your tickets at discounted prices. The prices are already locked in anytime you want to go to Brazil.

This February, Rio 2015 will again attract a lot of tourists to the world’s most spectacular street extravaganza. The flights are going to be fully booked just like the years before and hotels will be filled to the rafters no doubt about it. If you’re interested to join the excitement and feel the thrill of your life, you can call us right now and have a grand time celebrating the several days of fun and frolics. You have everything under control. You have a nice room and comfortable bed every night and you have a sure seat on your flight home.

For the coup d grace, it’s again to be in Rio. It’s the Rio Olympics in 2016. Rio is becoming the most popular city in the world. Tourism has exploded in Brazil and it seems all roads lead to Rio these days. The country has become the center attraction when FIFA finals were also held there. If Brazil has winter season, I’m sure they’re going to host the winter Olympics.

Brazil has a lot of experience in hosting huge crowds every year. The Rio Carnavals have given it a lot of practice and so are we. We’ve been servicing thousands of tourists annually and that makes us the most experience travel agency in South Florida. We are the #1 without a doubt. We have established a lot of connections in several places and that gives us control over every aspect of your travel.

Travel with the best agency. Let’s start by booking your flight to Brazil. Then we’ll go on from there. Call us at Bella Travel and we’ll show you how to travel in style.