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How to Get the Best Deal on Flights to Brazil


Flying to Brazil from the United States or Europe is never an inexpensive proposition. The journey is simply too long to qualify for the kind of “bargain buys” you can often find on domestic flights.

There’s also no high season or low season for frugal travelers to exploit. Brazil is always a popular destination, so there’s little incentive for international air carriers to put tickets on sale.

Still, with a little persistence and some insider’s know-how, you can save yourself a few bucks when booking your flights to Brazil.

Saving Money on Brazil Airline Tickets

US carriers such as United, Delta and American fly to Rio de Janeiro. Usually flights to Brazil out of Miami are the least expensive, so you will need to take into account the expense of traveling from your home city to Miami when making your plans.

Some flights to Rio de Janeiro require stopovers in such places as Mexico City Sao Paolo. But Brazilian airlines, such as Tam and Copa, also schedule regular flights. Shop around and look for the best deals. If you are flexible with your arrival and departure dates and times and are willing to make at least on stopover on the way, you might be able to save yourself several hundreds of dollars.

Flights within Brazil

Airlines in Brazil aren’t regulated the ways US airlines are, so it’s very easy to find super cheap flights if you are traveling between cities within Brazil. So once you get there, you usually can find plenty of great deals.

Look at the websites for Brazilian air carriers such as Gol, Ocean  Air, Web Jet, and Azul. In some cases, your credit cards may not be accepted as payment. Gol, for example, only accepts American  Express. So you just have to make sure you know for sure that your card will work before finalizing your plans.




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