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‘Can I Gamble While I Tour Brazil?’


Many of the forms of gambling that are common in the US, UK, and other countries are illegal in Brazil.  There are no legal casino, sports books, or Off-Track Betting parlors.

But that’s not to say that Brazilians don’t love to gamble. If you like to play games of chance, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to do so when you tour Brazil.

Casino Gambling

While casinos remain illegal in Brazil, many of the cruise ships that dock in Brazilian ports have casinos on board. While gambling is legally required to be suspended when these vessels are in Brazilian waters, it may resume once the ship has passed into international waters.

Many Brazilians who love to gamble will travel to casinos in other South American countries where it is legal to do so. Argentina has the most casinos of all the countries in South America. But legalized casino gambling also can be found in Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Suriname.

Gambling in Brazil

One of the ways Brazilians love to gamble is through lotteries. There are nine federal lottery products that people can legally play. Many play every month. Some are based on football results while others use pure numerical draws.

In addition to the federal lotteries, each state within Brazil is free to regulate their own lotteries, with many of the profits spent on health, education, security, culture and sports.

Bingo also is extremely popular in Brazil, even though it remains illegal. There currently are more than 1,100 bingo parlors in the country, many of them in secret locations known only to players. Others move from location to location in order to avoid being raided by the police.

Other Types of Gambling

Online gambling continues to be popular in Brazil. While it’s not technically illegal, the government reportedly is looking for ways to crack down on the practice.






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