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What You Need to Know about Brazil’s Most Popular Sports


One of the best ways to get the full cultural experience during your visit to Brazil is to attend a sporting event. Brazilians are passionate about sports, so being in a crowded stadium of crazed fans is exciting, fun and also educational.

Soccer is King

As home to the most recent FIFA World Cup tournament, most of the world knows by now that Brazilians are crazy about soccer, or as it is known in Brazil, football. There are 13.2 million officially registered football players in Brazil, and that doesn’t even count those who simply play the sport for fun.

It’s hard not to get caught up in football fever when booking your Brazil packages. Matches are played in prime time on Brazilian television and most major cities have their own local teams to cheer on.

Other Popular Sports

But Brazilian’s passion for sports extends beyond football. In fact, volleyball is rapidly becoming almost as popular as football. It’s no exaggeration to say that most young Brazilian girls play volleyball. And it’s also one of the most regularly broadcast sports on TV.

Swimming is another popular sport. That may not be surprising in a country with a 4,300-mile coastline. Swimming isn’t necessarily the most popular sport to watch –unless its during the Olympics or the Pan American Games — but the percentage of people who swim in Brazil is enormous.

Unusual Sports

When booking your Brazil packages, it might surprise you to learn that there are some popular sports in Brazil that the rest of the world may not be familiar with, such as Futsol and Capoeira.

Futsol is a form of soccer that is played indoors by teams of only five players each. The court is smaller than the traditional football pitch. Beach soccer — also known as Futebol de Areia — also is popular in this beach-rich country.

Capoeira is recognized as a sport, even though it seems to outsiders to be more like a dance or merely a way for Brazilians to express their cultural heritage. It was derived from the dances and rituals performed by African slaves during Brazil’s colonial period.

Sports are a huge part of the lives of Brazilians. To get the full Brazilian experience, you should attend at least one sporting event during your visit.



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