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Bella Travel is now accepting RIO 2016 reservations

If you are an avid sports fan, you’re certainly going back to Brazil this 2016 for RIO 2016. Yes, after Brazil FIFA 2014 the Olympics is heading the same way and for the right reasons.  Brazil FIFA 2014 had been a great sports experience. No hooligans, no drunken orgies, no intrusions from spectators or from outsiders into the sports arena during the games.

All venues were finished prior to the games. Even the athletes were happy with the accommodations. Except for the collapse of that roof several weeks before the start of the tournament proper, it was a smooth ride all the way.

Who are the big winners during that sport spectacle? Is it Brazil, the organizers or the different contingents coming from different countries? All of them are winners of course, but most of all it is the fans and the tourists themselves who enjoyed the hospitality of the country.

We expect most of them to be coming back and together with a new batch of fans and tourists to flood the country once more. We are ready for them. If we’re able to come up with a  successful hosting during the first time when everything was done from scratch, this time it will be different. Everything will be even better. We were able to do a wonderful job of providing all you with comfortable and efficient service from the time you left your countries, during your stay here and until you were back home.

It’s not too far off considering that we on the last 2 months of 2014 not counting October. It’s  14 months before the year 2016 will finally come. Then summer will not be far off and it’s game time once more. We served a lot of guests during the FIFA finals and many of them expressed their gratitude for a job well done.

We will continue to serve this coming Olympics and we promise to do even better. We at Bella Travel have paid our dues and we now we consider ourselves one of the best travel agencies serving Brazil. We are Brazilians ourselves and we know what is there to know about Brazil. This is the reason why you can expect only the most efficient customer service from us.

RIO 2016 is your best chance of watching the games in very familiar settings. The 2020 Olympics may be held in China or Kazakhstan. They’re in Asia and that’s a little far from the American hemisphere. Who knows where it will be held in 2024. Several cities and countries, including American cities and European countries have declined to participate in the biddings to host it. Surveys revealed that the inhabitants of those places have rejected the idea resoundingly defeating it. Choose your own travel package now. Our Brazilian travel agency, Bella Travel is now ready in accepting your reservations. No deposits required. Just email your name and address and we will include you on Our VIP list. We’ll call you later to confirm your reservations.








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