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We Are Your Faithful Travel Companion




Bella Travel International, we use our experience to your advantage

When you go to a foreign land, let’s say Brazil, it would be nice if you have somebody to accompany you and guide you on your trip. It would even be nicer if your companion will pay for his or her own fare and hotel accommodation.  You just go and tag along and let your companion do all the planning.  Due to his familiarity with the pace you know you’re going to enjoy the whole vacation.

It would be ideal to have that kind of arrangement, but we know it’s not as easy to find that kind of travel companion. However, we have something even better to offer you. We can arrange your travel and make it a truly memorable one. We have travel partners who will arrange everything for you if you want to visit certain countries that you are not very familiar with.

Our travel agency will take care of your travel arrangements for securing your tickets, booking your hotel and register you with a tour trip to places you’d like to visit. Somebody will even meet you at the hotel. How’s that for a travelling companion. Perfect you would say. We have everything scheduled for you. You just look at the entire travel plan and you’re on your way of enjoying the best vacation ever.

We assure you that you’ll have no lost, displaced or delayed baggage. Your plane seat will be readily available for you, no bumping off. When you go to your hotel, your room is exactly what you want it to be. No confusion and room changes necessary. How smoothly can you travel with this kind of arrangement. That’s’ how we at Bella Travel International is going to pamper you from the day you leave until the day you return.

You must have heard of horror stories about lost baggage, missed flight connections and hotels located in a very dangerous area. The room is so ordinary, no air conditioning, the beds is so uncomfortable and it’s so noisy around. There is no hot and cold, bathe and you have to cross the street every time you want to take a meal.  You can’t even leave your things in your hotel room, afraid that you’re going to lose them.

You spend half of your vacation time looking for a good hotel to stay.  Things like these are impossible to happen with us. Bella travels International is a member of international travel agencies and worldwide hotel organizations. It means that you’ll get only the best service possible. You have nothing to worry about. You want a grand vacation; we’ll give it to you with no exceptions.

If you’re looking for the best Brazilian Travel agency make it Bella Travel International. We can assure you of our high professionalism. Our experience in international travel has spanned several years already. We have made the right partnerships and travel connections for your benefit. We can even pass on to you the special discounted prices extended to us by airlines, hotels, restaurants and sightseeing tours.

Contact us and we will be happy to take good care of your travel itinerary without even so much as a tiny glitz.




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