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What You Need to Know about Brazilian Beach Culture


In Rio de Janeiro and other coastal Brazilian cities, beaches are a huge part of everyday life. So when you tour Brazil, it’s highly probable that you are going to spend at least some of your time at one of Brazil’s many incredible beaches.

Beach Cultures Unwritten Rules

Brazilian beach culture has plenty of unwritten rules and codes of conduct that the native population naturally know.

Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to hit the beach like a native without looking like a tourist:

  • Don’t Bring Food and Drinks to the Beach — Brazil’s beaches are well serviced by “ambulantes”, vendors who walk up and down the beach selling drinks to beach-goers. Bringing your own snacks will make you look like a homeless person.
  • Don’t Wear the Suit You Brought from Home — Brazilian beach fashion is a lot different than it is anywhere else in the world. If you want to fit in, buy the sort of swimsuit that native Brazilians wear at a local store or gift shop.
  • Be Prepared for a Lot of Titillation — Brazilians of every shape and age aren’t shy about showing off their skin, so if you want to fit in be prepared to do the same. Women should avoid going completely topless, however. It’s against the law in most places.
  • Leave Your Valuables at Home — Bring just enough money that you will need for food, drinks and to rent a chair or “canga” if you want and leave everything else back at your hotel. If you are hitting the beach alone, ask somebody trustworthy to watch your stuff while you go in the water.
  • Be Careful While Swimming –Many of Brazil’s beaches have strong currents. Don’t go in the water if there is a red flag flying. To be safe, only go in the water when there are other people already swimming there.




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