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Brazil Is Surfing’s Hidden Paradise


surf boardsWhen most people think about world class surfing, there are a handful of locations on the globe that immediately spring to mind. These include Oahu’s famous North Shore, the Great Barrier Reef off of Australia, and the South Indian Ocean in Thailand.

Even Malibu in Southern California and Baja California are famed for their waves, even if they aren’t in the same category as the others.

But if you are looking for great surfing and incredible waves that most surfing enthusiasts don’t know about, look no further than the coast of Brazil.

Brazil’s Hidden Gems

At first glance, Brazil wouldn’t seem like a surfer’s paradise. After all, all of its shoreline is on the Atlantic Ocean, which isn’t exactly known for its killer waves and warm waters.

Plus, it’s on the eastern edge of South America, while everybody knows that the best waves are always found along western shores due to the way the winds normally blow from west to east, right?

Wrong! Brazil has excellent surfing and one of its most appealing features is the diversity of waves that can be found there. You can find all kinds of different types of surfing all in one shoreline.

Where’s the Best Surfing?

And what a shoreline it is, stretching from the north near the Equator all the way down practically to the South Pole.

The best surfing in Brazil is in the deep south, where you will find biggers wells and more variety than up north. Most surfers head to the island of Santa Catarina for quality waves.

Another hidden gem is Fernando de Noronha Island, a small, out of the way island in the north where huge swells break on the underwater reefs. Here you will find huge, towering waves that can break both to the right and the left.

Surfing is awesome in Brazil. Just don’t tell everybody.



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