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O Brazil Is Ready To Bring You To A Once In A Life Time Summer Adventure!


 Brazil they are almost fully booked.

Two more months and Brazil will have a 30 day carnival celebration. If you don’t want to miss any of the actions there book your flight to Brazil now. Bella Travel, a native Brazilian travel agency has still some few tickets left if you’re interested to secure the last few bookings to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals. We don’t deal with black market pricing. You will buy them at regular market prices. We hate to think what will happen if we run out of tickets for a flight to Brazil. It’s going to cost you a mini fortune just to get one.

While we have the tickets for a light to Brazil, we will be happy to reserve them for you.

Everything is almost ready. The damaged roof is almost restored, the playing fields are just waiting to be played.  Each nation has been assigned their wonderful quarters. Nothing is spared to make them comfortable. This is going yet to be the best FIFA World CUP Final not only in terms of the quality of the games played  but also in terms of how players accommodation and foods are prepared.

And what about the carnivals and the street dancing? Surprise! Surprise! You have to be there to experience them personally. Words wouldn’t be enough to describe them. You’re going to shout your lungs out by cheering for your national team watching on the sidelines. And afterwards you’ll be shouting again at the op of your voice while dancing with the ladies on the streets this time an actual participant rather than just an onlooker.

And for longer breaks, you can go and explore the countryside for the best sites that Brazil has to offer. Keep your options open, contact Bella Travel and they will bring you to pristine and hidden hideaways that have yet to be explored fully by tourists. You can rely on them to open the secrets of Brazil for you to never been explored places.

Brazil is a giant of a country. It has a lot of places to visit and go which are beautiful and totally different from what are the usual tourist attractions. These are not very far or hidden in the jungles. Bella Travel guides know their way around which are not so familiar with other tourist guides. You’ll enjoy the serenity and the peaceful atmosphere that will definitely refresh your body, mind and soul for another exciting game to watch..

So if you have decided to come and enjoy yourself, call us now and we will book your flight to Brazil.

We will also include a totally wonderful and affordable World Cup package to make your stay perfectly comfortable and enjoyable.  This is a once in a lifetime adventure that you should not miss. Brazil has a very rich culture. Its customs and traditions are one of the most unique in the world. It has a lot of ruins that will have you gasping for their wonders. And to go to these places you have to be here. Your tickets for your flight to Brazil are just waiting for you.




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