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start arranging your bookings for the next must-see Carnival in Rio

start arranging your bookings for the next must-see Carnival in Rio



Bella Travel passed with flying colors

Rio 2016 is a fitting follow up of the just concluded 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The country is now a destination of major international sports events. It’s not surprising, though because of its status as an emerging economic world power.

Brazil is endowed with several majestic sites and the people are truly hospitable and kind. I call it the country festivals. There’s always a celebration somewhere, somehow in this great country. Remember that before the Olympics there are still two Rio Carnaval celebrations in between. If you’re expecting more sporting fireworks this coming Olympics, there’s more to it than what Brazil has in store for you.

The street dancing might be the most popular tourist attraction of Brazil, but the countryside is full of unexplored and pristine hideaways which are unique to this country. It’s not every day that you’re going to the game venues; some days are less exciting than others.   During the preliminary games, there’s a lot of time in between to discover the innate beauty inherent to the country.

The Amazon River is something that you should see. White beaches dot the country, but the river is one and only not only in this country but throughout the world. It’s also the longest. Brazil is itself the 5th largest country in the world.  You can imagine how many” nooks and crannies” you have to investigate and this means that there’s going to be no dull moments during the lull in games.

Bella Travel has travel several packages for you to choose from. You can reserve now for the Rio Carnaval celebrations 1015. It’s less than 5 months into it.  Most importantly, it’s never too early to reserve as well for the Olympics.  Let us handle your travel plans. Every day will be exciting and hassle free. Your meals and your rides are always on the schedule, depending on your time frame.

How come we are very sure about the results of our services? We have been handling and arranging a lot of tourist and businessmen travel activities ever since with perfect results. This year’s World Cup finals was the also our final test concerning how efficient and skilled we are as a travel agency and we came out with high passing grades. Our clients were satisfied with the way we handled their travel agenda.

The dress rehearsal is finished, now we are really ready for the biggest sports event on the planet. Our personnel have become well versed in booking flights, reserving hotel rooms, arranging transportation scheduling tours and much more. We have experts in the real sense of the world.

It was every travel agencies nightmare, but we came out alright. All the flights were confirmed and the hotel bookings validated. There were no mixed up baggage, flights and hotel rooms. Call or send us an email and tell us what specific Brazil packages you want to avail of. We promise that you will enjoy whatever travel package you choose. There’s nothing we can’t do for your travel pleasure.









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