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Bella Travel offers the cheapest, well organized, and the most enjoyable vacation adventure of your life

Going on a vacation is one of greatest pleasures that we can experience. We get to see many beautiful and exciting new places, meet a lot of new people, and make new friends. But, often because of the many travel related preparations we have to take, we’ll feel stressed and tired instead of looking forward to a nice and wonderful trip.

What are the things we usually do when we go on a trip like this? We start of course with booking our flights and buying plane tickets. Next, we make arrangements for our hotel reservations. These are not easy to accomplish, especially during peak seasons. You have to be quickly book your flight order to get a plane seat and make the proper calls to reserve a hotel room.

Booking a flight to Brazil may be easier for you, but getting a room there will need more familiarity about the kind of hotel you want, where its location, and its safety. Hotels in travel brochures look nice, but they are seldom what you get.

There are instances when we have to make flight connections or plane transfers, and missing them will not only delay your trip but will also mean additional expenses. Your budget will come under heavy pressure if you miss out on your schedule.

Every step of the trip should be planned. Your arrival is very important. Your plane may land at night or early dawn. You should be aware of the time difference between the country of your origin and country you’re planning to visit. Consider also the proper time to check in and check out. You can save on your hotel bills if you know when and how.

Why don’t you let us take care of your travel plan? We at Bella Travel will take care of every aspect of your vacation tour; all you have to do is board your plane and check in at your hotel. You don’t have to worry about missed flights, lost baggage, uncomfortable hotels, or awful hotel locations.

How is this possible? First, you will enjoy cheaper plane tickets. We have special discounts from airlines which we will pass on to you. Second, we can do the same for your hotel rooms. Hotel operators extend additional discount to us which, again, we can give to you. If you compute the expense you have to pay travelling on your own as against spending it on us, you will know how much savings you’ll get if you just allow us to pamper you.

Aside from the savings you get, you will, most of all, enjoy peace of mind, total enjoyment and memorable adventure. You can also compare the prices of our Brazil packages with the other Brazilian travel agencies. We have the most reasonable prices in the business.

You can contact us for assistance 24/7. We stand by operators, by phone or email, to answer whatever pressing matters you want us to assist you.




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