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Street Dancing Festivals, Beaches, Mountains, Forests, and Etc….. Brazil Has Too Much to Offer.





Bella Travel will keep your Brazilian adventure a truly exciting one

When is the best time to visit Brazil? If you want to witness and participate in the greatest street dancing festival in the planet, then February will be the ideal month to go. The festival is held all over the country. Each place has their own street dancing contests, but mostly tourists gather in Rio de Janiero which is the most beautiful place in the world if the Brazilians have their say.

Every flight, hotels, restaurants, and transportation are going to be fully booked. You’re going to find it difficult to buy a plane ticket and hotel accommodation without professional assistance. The prices would be exorbitant and going to fell prey to unscrupulous persons if you’re not careful with your money.

Bella Travel can help arrange your travel, accommodation and your activities while in Brazil with relative ease. You will be surprised how cheap our Brazil packages are. All you have to do is call us and make your arrangements with our travel agents. After that we’ll take charge from there. All you have to do is come on time for your flight to Brazil and enjoy your vacation. Everything is taken care for you.

The carnival lasts for a week with millions of tourists from all over the world participating in the revelry just before the start of the Lenten season. The Rio Carnival needs no introduction since it’s the most popular in the world. However, if you want to have a taste of the different cultures and traditions of Brazil, you can visit some of the 26 states of Brazil which has their own way of celebrating the street dancing festival.

While you are in Brazil you can visit the beaches and waterfalls and many other exotic tourist spots which you will find totally unique from other vacation destination. The country also boasts of beautiful mountains which you will find enigmatic and mysterious with their own scenic beauty and beautiful views.

Then there’s the forest to explore. You don’t find them in other countries. This is something that Brazil can claim as its own, although it shares some of it with its neighbor. National parks, beautiful buildings and giant natural aquariums also offer complete value for your vacation money and you won’t even be able to visit all the wonders of Brazil without coming back for another serving.

Brazil is the biggest country in the hemisphere and it has too many “secrets” to discover in just one visit. You’ll find yourself in a different setting as cross one state to another. Each has their own cultural flavor and tourist destination different from the others.

Many of you may have gone there to watch the FIFA World Cup Finals, but I’m sure you didn’t even scratch the surface of what Brazil has to offer.  We at  know that you want to discover more about Brazil and Bella Travel is just right here if you want the best in Brazil packages which are not only very affordable, but also the wider ranging in terms of customer service, destinations, and other amenities.




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