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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation Hassle-Free



Bella Travel has the best Brazil vacation packages that will definitely fit your summer budget

Plan your vacation with us and let us help you customize you’re your travel packages. We have been in the travel business for a long time now and we have perfected the art of giving you the most efficient, comfortable and comprehensive vacation and tour arrangements. You won’t miss anything if you take your summer break with us in Brazil.

We have the complete and most exciting travel destinations, the cheapest, but still very high quality hotel accommodations, money saving pointers and whatever else that will make your vacation a truly exciting adventure and a memorable one.

We have several Brazil packages that will fit your vacation budget. You will find of all them truly exciting. You will reach your destination in comfort and style and boredom is not a part of our offering. We’ll see to it that you will be fully informed of your flight plans, your arrival and departure will be communicated with you in advance.

You will also be informed of what kind of hotel you stay, where it is located, what kind of accommodation you have and the price. If during your stay you want to upgrade your hotel rooms that will be taken care easily, but of course subject to the room availability. We will try our very best to provide you everything that you need.

Concerning your tours to different beautiful scenic sites of the country, you can choose to go with a tour group or opt for a more personalized one. They have their own advantages and you will find the arrangements very satisfactory to your own requirement.

Exploring the countryside with the group, you will meet new acquaintances and develop new friendships.  It’s more fun when there are more people to talk to and share notes with them. On the other hand hiring your own vehicles and own tourist guide will give you more time to see the tourist spots and travel at your own leisure.

If you’re a nature lover, the Amazon rain forest is waiting for you. It’s the closest you can experience what nature has in store for you.  You will see its unique flora and fauna which you will not find anywhere in the world. It’s such a big place to see that it will need you at least 7 days to explore it completely.

However, if you want more dancing, party and revelry, Rio de Janiero, the capital city of Brazil has everything to give you the enjoyment that you’re looking for.

We will share with you our travel expertise and we will see to it that you will enjoy big discounts and last minute deals to further stretch your vacation money. More savings means more places to go, more food to eat, in short more fun during your stay.

Bella Travel has performed well during the just concluded FIFA World CUP Finals here in Brazil.  Our guests have nothing but praises for us in handling all their vacation related activities and they promised us to patronize us again during the 2016 summer Olympics.

Call us now and let us arrange for you your own Brazil Packages for your perfect summer get away.





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