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Brazil Is Famous In More Ways than the Rio Carnaval and Football






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More people have discovered Brazil. Aside from the usual tourists who travel there for their yearly Rio Carnaval pilgrimages, millions others were added courtesy of the FIFA Brazil Finals 2014 which has held successfully last June. Many of them will return to discover the best of Brazil. The yearly street extravaganza and soccer have made Brazil a famous country. Yes, there are other things in Brazil that’re only found there: the biggest jungle of the world and the longest river both named Amazon.

Who can overlook the welcoming gigantic Christ the Redeemer statue, which dominate Rio’s skyline atop the Corcovado Mountain?  The well known Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches made more famous by songs bearing their names are two of the most glamorous in the world. Then there’s the Sugarloaf Mountains. With its exciting cable rides, it will give you the most awesome view of Rio de Janiero and the sea that seems to extend the beyond. You won’t even have to travel to enjoy these tourist havens since they’re just within Rio’s vicinity.

I’m sure millions more will congregate in Rio for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Many of those who attended the FIFA Finals will return not only for the games but also for those fantastic and amazing tourist destinations which are considered the best in their class in the world.

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