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All You Need Is To Take the First Step and We Will Do the Rest




Bella Travel has all the right connections to keep your travel smooth and relaxed

Buying your tickets and booking your flight is very easy to do. You can do it online in your home or in your office. Just fill in the blanks and send your payments you’re good as done. Hey, wait a minute, is this all there is to it? Why do we have Bella Travel, and other travel agencies to do it for us? We are just making things difficult for ourselves, isn’t that the truth?

That seems to be the case. So why not do it ourselves. But wait a minute. There must be catch to it or else why travelers use travel agencies to book their flight tickets.

First of all, Bella Travel has special arrangements with airline companies. We receive big discounts in return of giving more customers to airlines. So when you go buy your tickets through us, we extend the discounts to you. There is more. We also book ahead many of our tickets and pay immediately. By doing this, we even get more discounts. That’s why we can offer especial promos.

Airlines don’t extend this type of privileges to individual buyers. This is the reason why it’s always better to buy your tickets from world renowned travel agencies such as Bella Travel. You won’t get bumped off of your flight, ever.

Another advantage when you book your flight tickets from us, your baggage gets special protection from getting lost. We are a member of organizations that facilitate the return of your baggage in the shortest possible time if they are ever misplaced which is a case of one in a million. You don’t have to follow up personally; somebody will do it for you more efficiently.

What else? We are also a member of the best hotel associations in the entire planet. We can book you anywhere without advance payments. Again, you won’t get any discounts by walking directly to the check in counter except if the travel agency has already made the arrangements. Since you are pre booked, your room is already ready for you. If you do the booing yourself, you might discover upon arrival that you are without a room in the hotel that you want to stay.

You have all the advantages if you have us to work for you. All you need are taken care of and you have big discounts at your disposal.  There’s no need to get anxious about any details in your travel. You can relax and enjoy and make the most of it.

If you’re planning to travel to Brazil any time you want, you can take advantage of all the amenities that I just mentioned here. We at Bella Travel will take care of your Brazil flight tickets, your transpiration from airport to the hotel and when you’re in the hotel a service personnel will carry your things and accompany you to your room. They’re expecting your arrival. We have already made all the arrangements for you.

Keep all your appointments on time if you’re attending meetings or travelling as tourists. You won’t miss a thing. Call us now for your Brazil flight tickets and all the other arrangements that you have in mind. Travel light, without anything weighing down your mind.





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