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Adding a web banner or link to your website is easy.

Register for the ARC MarketPlace Affiliate Program.

Register for the ARC MarketPlace Affiliate Program.

You must have an ARC MARKETPLACE ID or ARC NUMBER to register for the Affiliate Program.

Select the web banner type and size you'd like to add to your website.

ARC MarketPlace offers web banners and links for Viator activities and tours. Links and web banners are also available in Spanish. Las pancartas de anuncio de actividades estan ahora disponibles en Español! SEE SAMPLE BANNERS.

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You will have the option to copy the HTML code or email it for later use.

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Refreshing web banners on your website is always a good idea, and it keeps your clients interested in what’s new. The ARC MarketPlace Affiliate Program offers a number of different types of web banners and sizes. To choose a new or different link or web banner, simply enter the URL to your website and follow the on-screen prompts to choose the type and size.


Agents based in the United States and Canada are eligible to be paid a commission for every time a client clicks on an ARC MarketPlace web banner or link on your website and then books. You can sit back and let your website do your work for you.

6% on Activities, Tours and Shore Excursions


If you have questions about the ARC MarketPlace Affiliate Program, we’d love to answer them! Visit our CONTACT US page.