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Accessing the Internet When You Tour Brazil


Many people who tour Brazil for the first time are surprised to learn that Internet access is not as universal as it is in the US and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Brazil is fifth largest country in the world when it comes to Internet usage. But the development of WiFi and broadband hasn’t happened as quickly as it has elsewhere.

Plus, large swaths of the country are remote areas — such as the enormous Amazon jungle — where Internet service is not available.

Dial-Up Is Still A Thing

Some places in Brazil still use dial-up access to the Internet, although this is becoming more uncommon the country’s big Internet providers — including Oi,  Terra, and UOL — upgrade their services and equipment.

Big hotels in major cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo usually provide WiFi for their guests, although sometimes users are required to pay a daily fee. There also are Internet cafes and coffee shops where you generally can find inexpensive access to the Web.

Free Internet Facilities

Plus, the Brazilian government and some city governments offer free Internet facilities. But these are intended for people who cannot afford Internet access on their own, so you might get some funny looks if you try to use these places.

It’s okay to use these when you first arrive, but you eventually will want to find your own Internet access.

Signing Up for Internet 

If you are planning to stay in Brazil for an extended period of time, you can subscribe to an Internet service via the web or by calling any of the providers’ customer service line. But you will need to have a Cadastro de pessoa f’iscia (CPF) and Registro Nacional de Estrangeiro (RNF) to apply. Ask the concierge at your hotel of your consulate for more information about these documents.

Once you have Internet access, you should be able to access all of your favorite sites from your laptop, tablet or smart phone.




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